It was about the start of June in 2045 that their strategies first had an effect on Earth. But that effect, at first, went unnoticed. We received no identifiable communications signal from them. The first noticeable effect was that all beings on Earth started to become stronger and fitter. Not just humans but cows and fish and even insects.

I am no Biologist but I presume it had something to do with our genetic makeup being altered. That DNA substance. We must have all been infected with something strange.

By 2050, we had all noticed how much stronger we had become. And how few illnesses we had. My wife and I even became attractive to each other again. And I didn’t forget things like I used to do.

It was most noticeable in the young and those who had just been born. Change. Everywhere change.

Someone on the TV said that it was a prophecy of a second coming. Someone else said that we were getting better as a result of better diet.

Yet, not all changes seemed to be for the good. Many of us developed allergies. And any kind of pollutant in the air made us cough and belch. We were I think being fine-tuned.

After fifteen years of these changes, the Mental Hospitals became filled with people who had dreams and visions. Who thought they could read the minds of others and of animals. By 2065 my wife and were easily able to communicate via our minds. It was a pleasant form of communication with none of the misunderstanding you used to get in normal conversation. At first I could not use telepathy to understand those who spoke a different language but eventually I could understand every person I tried to make contact with. Even over hundreds of miles we could communicate.

It became much harder to get people to work in abattoirs as the animals would scream and shout into the workers brains. They kept crying out for freedom. Those of us who wanted to could even make some kind of contact with ants and bees. Sometimes I would talk to the crows that gathered in the fields. Most of them were clever creatures and I could understand many of the messages they sent me.

There were two big questions that we had to deal with. Firstly, what would we do with those animals now begging so forcefully and cogently for their freedom? And secondly, why were these changes happening?

There were riots in some countries and people tried to free animals from abattoirs and laboratories. Quite a few of these protestors were killed. The air was filled with the screams of animals and the screams of people protesting for them to be freed. Many people could not take the thought of such immense animal suffering and ended their own lifes.

Many Scientists tried to genetically alter animals to destroy their ability to communicate. They also tried burning out particular brain cells. Some used chemical controls. Electric shock was used a lot to try and train animals not to use telepathy. None of these methods worked well enough to stop their communications. Scientists had to kill an animal to make it totally silent.

At noon on June the 20th 2069 we all – human and animal – received the First Message at the same time. For each of us it was slightly different. Yet similar in the main point it argued: We speak to you from a different World. A World in a different Galaxy. Our thoughts are not troubled by limitations of the speed of light. We had not intended speaking to you for another few years but we have been forced to do this. We need to give you a choice. All intelligent life forms wherever they exist anywhere in the Universe are too big to travel large distances across space. So we sent material, each the size of a few molecules, that would change all animal life on your planet for the better. We optimised what you already have. We have done this for thousands of Worlds that seemed likely to produce intelligent life. The only way we could end the silence of space was by helping others improve their minds and letting them communicate with us over thousands of light years distance. You were all-each human and animal – given the ability to be better and to communicate. Yet you humans continue to torture and kill your fellow species. All those who can give up eating animals should do so now. Humans should free all creatures from your labs and abattoirs now. If you do not do this then we will never again try to contact you or help you to be even “better”. The First Law of Communication restricts us to only make changes to individuals that overcome faults in your own coding. We are not allowed –and do not want – to make you the same as us. Are you worth the gift we gave to you? Would you like to communicate with us and see our World through our senses? You have till a week today to decide. At that time we will know what you have decided. There is no space time lag on mind to mind contact.  Out of all the World’s we have contacted, the human species is the first we have found that even after being able to use telepathy still continues to willingly harm other species.

There were crisis meetings in Parliaments all around the World. Protestors filled the streets on many cities carrying placards that showed their concern for other creatures. There were just as many people protesting for the “Right” to continue to eat whatever creatures they liked.

My wife and I sat in bed and cuddled and knew what each of us wanted.

That week passed very quickly. Before I tell you what we decided, you must tell me the choice that you would have made at that time.